Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator

If you are interested in completing your Persona Compendium, Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator plays a vital role. You can figure out your best Persona that helps you out in creating the specific fusions.


Persona fusion

Persona Fusion Calculation is used when the whole game diverges from genre conventions. The process of Personas fusion is actually straightforward. You don’t need to get confused when you want to fuse your hard-earned Personas. For a better experience, you don’t need to face the fusion system complexities to go through the game. It does not matter if you want to grab the mechanics. Or if you’re interested to know the authoritative Personas in your game. This guidance of Persona Fusion is for you to get your straight way.

Persona Fusion Explanation

Persona 5 Royal works well when you unlock the full-fledged options of a new calculator for fusing your Personas. Various beginners are mysterious about its working. If you are not an expert in Persona Fusion, you can sacrifice your Personas. You are still gaining your Personas now. You will get powerful results. Sometimes, the outgoing Persona detail is relatively stronger. 

For instant, if you want to fuse a level 1 Persona, “Arsene,” with a level 6 persona, “Silky,” you get a level 7 Persona, “Succubus .”You can also get the powerful fusion system by dis-locking your desired Personas. 

Though, you need to add your details before you start fusing your Personas. Moreover, You must be at the resulting Persona’s level to get your fusion work. As you have to be at stage 26 for Clotho. Even though you achieve the results from level 2 and level 6 Personas.  

We have referred a base level for each Persona. If you are fusing any levels of Personas, you will achieve the results with a strong base level. This base level is separate for each level and works as a reference. You can obtain your Persona of the required level.  

How does Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator work?

The point is how many types of fusions are accessible to you. There are different kinds of Fusions:

  • Normal Fusion/ Dyad Guillotine: This kind of Persona fusion is simple and easy to perform, even for beginners. You can select any of two Personas for fusion and check the results. You are not much focused on what results are achieved. You can get rid of low-level and fake Personas by using it. It is the simplest but trusted Persona. 
  • Advanced Fusion/ Group Guillotine: This group Persona permits you to create the single resulted Persona by fusion of three or more Personas. This Personal 5 Fusion is the most powerful and of high level. You can’t use it frequently. It’s advanced fusion. You can get accurate and high Persona outcomes from here.   
  • Fuse by Result/ Guillotine Search: You are capable of checking all of your Personas. You have made your various Personas with this equipped calculator, and you can see all of them. This Persona fusion is helpful when you want to add all your Persona details at a place and clear your inventory. You must ensure you have saved your personas before getting the new Persona. You will get sorted Persona according to levels. 
  • Network Fusion/ Public Execution: You can transfer your Persona routinely into the ether in this fusion Persona. Along with any random Persona you can share personally with your friends. It’s like a gambling game. This Persona provides the most authoritative fusion. It’s not much used, but most people love to use it for fun. You can try it late in your story. 

Fusion Alarms is also beneficial for Persona 5 players. It can change the outcomes of fusions. Our developers note its changes, and we will make your correct results as early as possible. It is the best pick for fusing the result page. In general, you obtain the possible fusions only. This calculator provides all the possible fusion packs for your Persona. It adds the actual stat of every Persona in your results. 

The explanation of Persona 5 Royal Fusion Alarms

There are specific Fusion Alarms for Personal 5 Royal Fusion. These alarms can unlock everything, and you don’t need to bother about whether you have to go. If you are going for guillotine fusion, you have to face little things. First and foremost, your concluded Persona has boosted stats. It’s the additional feature in your Persona result. Moreover, Treasures get five higher levels during a single Fusion Alarm. You have fused your Persona and achieved the strongest Persona. 

You can face risk while using a fusion Alarm for fusing your Personas. When you fuse your Personas, the resulting one may be a non-skilled or mutated skill. It only sometimes happens, but sometimes the calculator makes some errors while analyzing your data. Mutated skilled is somehow a better thing than non-skilled. Suppose you are interested in making the fusions twice. You will receive the result in your personal inventory. You may face this error during twice by using the Fusion alarm. 

You have to face this trouble during fusing with Fusion Alarm. You will get the resulting Persona with a completely new pack of skills. Luckily, this error does not always happen during Fusion Alarms. When you disclose the mechanics in the initial stage, it will automatically control all the random processes. You can trigger this glitch of fusion.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator

You can achieve our guide for all fusions and find out your best-suited Persona 5 Royal Fusion. Our system will start with your Persona Statistics and then provide you with the chart. After that, it will expose the Formula level to you. You can check everything that you need to understand. Now, the main thing is you have to make your best P5R fusion.

After adding your P5R fusions, the previous chart will remove. The updated chart will appear with over 400 new Personae fusions.


You have added your 2 Personas, and now you can find which level you have achieved. You can utilize this calculator along with your own mathematics. You have a superb and straightforward formula that can give you a perfect idea.  

{(Persona Level + Persona Level)/2 + 0.5 OR 1}

You can create fusion and then calculate your Persona’s average level. Let’s suppose your average unit is in decimal; now add the value of 0.5.

As you are getting the fusion of

Arsene (1st level fool)

Pixie (2nd level lover)

{(1+2) / 2 + 0.5}

The resulting Persona comes at Level 2. Since then, there is not any level 2 in the Persona. So you will get the Chariot, Agathion level 3.


Here are some of the benefits of using the Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator:

Visual Representation of Various Combinations

The calculator also provides visual representations of how different combinations of Arcana and Stats will affect a Persona’s power, allowing users to make informed decisions when fusing Personas or creating new ones. It also offers a comprehensive persona 5 royal persona list by levels of all available Personas within each arcana, showing their base stats and any skill requirements for each one.

It will display all the vital information about each of the two combined Personas, such as their strengths, weaknesses, and effects. This makes it easy to see how they will interact when fused and decide if they are the right combination for a given situation.

Save Time

This tool simplifies the fusion process by providing easy-to-follow instructions on completing each fusion. Following these instructions allows players to save time and bypass any guesswork when attempting to create powerful Personas.

Expedite the creation of powerful Personas

The Fusion Calculator helps players more easily create powerful Personas that are ideal for various in-game situations. This can be especially helpful when tackling difficult bosses and other challenges.

A Specific Search Tool

The calculator also includes a search tool that allows users to quickly find specific personas they are looking for.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion List 

Players can mix and match elements from different Personas or even fuse multiple copies of the same to strengthen it further. Each result will grant access to unique movesets and skills, allowing players to tailor their play style to suit their needs. You can create new personas in the game, like the satanael persona 5 royal fusion calculator. 

Here is the list of Persona 5 Fusion List. 

1. Joker + Arsene

2. Joker + Morgana

3. Joker + Makoto

4. Persona 4 Protagonist (Yosuke) + Yukari Takeba (8th release)

5. Goro Akechi (9th release) + Persona 4 Protagonist (Yosuke)

6. Arsene + Pixie (1st Release)

7. Arsene + Jack Frost (2nd Release)

8. Morgana + Orpheus (3rd Release)

9. Futaba + Necronomicon (4th Release)

10. Makoto Niijima + Alilat (5th Release)

11. Haru Okumura+ Ose(6th Release). 

12. Yusuke Kitagawa+ Thor(7th Release).

Persona 5 Royal Skill Cards 

Persona 5 Royal is an updated and enhanced version of the popular RPG (Role-Playing video Game) game, Persona 5. It features new skill cards. The new skill cards allow players to customize their characters and give them an edge in battle. 

The skills they can equip vary depending on the Persona they are using, with some providing basic abilities while others provide powerful attacks. Some skill cards will grant access to exclusive Fusion techniques that cannot be found anywhere else.

Persona 5 Royal Fusion Guide 

Persona 5 Royal introduces a new way to fuse Personas – the ability to merge two into one powerful entity. This guide explains how fusion works and things to consider in creating the strongest fusions possible.

The first step to understanding fusion in Persona 5 Royal is how two Personas combine. Different Personas have different combinations of stats, skills, and elemental affinities that can be combined to create a powerful new persona. When fusing two Personas, the resulting Persona will inherit the abilities of both its “parents” as well as any bonuses gained through unique methods like Fusion Forecast or advanced fusion techniques.

When it comes to creating the strongest possible fusion, there are several things to consider:

Elementals: Two Personas with similar elementals will create a more potent fusion than if their elements were different. This is especially true when using Fusion Forecast since it gives bonus EXP for combining two Personas of the same element.

Skills: Two Personas with similar skills will also be able to create a stronger fusion than if their skills were totally different. This is especially true when using advanced fusion techniques since they allow you to combine two Personas with specific skill sets.

Stats: Finally, two Personas with higher stats will result in a stronger Persona than if they had lower stats. This means that high-level Personas are usually better for fusing than low-level ones.

Following these tips and understanding how fusion works, you can create some truly powerful fusions in Persona 5 Royal.

How can you find Persona 5 Royal Fusion Calculator online?

This calculator might be confusing for beginners. It’s pretty simple and easy to use. You can get it from our website. However, this calculator is trustworthy and provides you the wealthy Persona information. You can’t get the exact details of your Persona. Persona5 fusion is invaluable for you. All you need to do is click on your Persona screen. Here is a link; you can check the Persona list from here.

You have a valuable calculator for your Persona fusion. You can learn about your favorite Persona. You can overcome the glitch of Fusion Alarm. It’s time to achieve the confident Persona for your data.

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Advanced Fusion/ Group Guillotine


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